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HC NEXT’s mission is to speed up and derisk drugs and medical devices developments to ensure that each innovation becomes a product to patient’s benefit. HC NEXT consultants are project management specialists and generalists in the field of healthcare product development.

From strategy to operations

Whether a startup, an SME or a major corporation, laying solid foundations is essential to the success of every project.

We transform our clients’ strategy into a concrete and specific action plan that will enable each product under development to reach the market. Following an organisational assessment, we lay the foundations for cross-functional project management.

Project Management & Coordination

A drug or medical device development project requires a high level of scientific expertise and must also comply with specific standards and regulations. The cross-functional coordination of all activities (R&D, clinical, regulatory, etc.) is essential to ensure a rapid launch onto the market.

With our comprehensive view of development, we manage and co-ordinate all the players in order to break the project down and reach the milestones smoothly.

Expertise in healthcare product development

Each phase of development involves the use of specific expertise for each product. Thanks to our network of partners, we take care of all or part of your product development.

We are the one-stop-shop for development.


Our accomplishments

Providing a solution or answer to a question is the essence of HC NEXT’s support. We have been involved in numerous projects for pharma, biotech and medtech companies. We support clients ranging from VSBs, SMEs and multinationals.

Accelerating a clinical trial

After 18 months of study, a biotech company was experiencing recruitment difficulties with clinical trials. We analysed how the clinical trial was run and found that potential patients were not sufficiently informed of the existence of the trial.

In addition, the trial’s organisation posed an operational challenge to the investigating teams. We set up specific and targeted communication with hospitals and patient associations. We also put logistics in place to allow for the inclusion of patients. These actions allowed us to conclude the recruitment of the study in less than 6 months.

Structuring a project with a view to raising funds

The CEO of a biotech company was considering raising funds to finance the development of his innovation. He wanted an outside eye to structure the project and for help on how to present it.

We analysed and consolidated existing information, searched for missing information and proposed a structured development roadmap, a consolidated budget and the identification of the resources and skills needed for development. The prioritisation of options allowed a clear strategic objective to emerge. We provided the CEO with an investor slide deck and a summary document of the structured data. He was then able to go and see his first investors with peace of mind.

Interim program management

A medical device manufacturer suddenly found itself without a programme manager to oversee a major internal innovation programme.

We supplied a senior programme manager within two weeks to act as interim programme manager until the manufacturer could find a replacement. This included bringing the programme into line with the strategic objectives, structuring the programme and setting priorities. Continuity in the leadership of the innovation programme was ensured and the momentum was maintained.

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