From strategy to operations

Whether an SME or a major corporation, laying solid foundations is essential to the success of every project. We transform our clients’ strategy into a concrete and specific action plan that will enable each product under development to reach the market. Following an organisational assessment, we lay the foundations for cross-functional project management.

Strategy & Organization

We assess the consistency between your strategic objectives, their progress and the status of your projects. We provide a fresh look at your organisation and your resources to optimise your project management. We guide you towards an agile model that can respond to the many challenges your company faces.

Strategic objectives alignment

Translate roadmap in structured and executable project

Bring step back to Senior management on project status and upcoming milestones


Taking a step back is essential to the success of any project. Through this assessment, HC NEXT brings you a fresh and transverse view on the structuring of your projects and the use of your resources.

Perform due diligence on organization capability to deliver project on time (Start-up/SME for a self assessment, organization considering M&A, investment fund)

Elaborate recommendations and associated action plan

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