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HC NEXT’s mission is to speed up and derisk drugs and medical devices developments to ensure that each innovation becomes a product to patient’s benefit.

Project management

Your healthcare project management expert

HC Next is the result of a meeting between two consultants from the healthcare sector. With 20 years of experience, Elodie and Sylvain share the same observation: many promising treatments never see the light of day, not because they are ineffective or unsafe products, but often because of organisational problems. As they could not find any consulting company specialised in both project management and health, they created HC NEXT. Since then, they have been advising companies in the Lifesciences sector on project management.

Their mission? To speed up and derisk drugs and medical devices developments to ensure that each innovation becomes a product to patient’s benefit. Thanks to their mastery of project management and a comprehensive vision of healthcare product development, they can help you structure your projects.

Are you having trouble meeting your deadlines or your budget? Trouble to prioritise your project portfolio? Are you looking to streamline your cross-functional working methods? Our expertise will help you to better anticipate the many challenges that slow down the progress of your projects.


Our positioning

We are pioneers in HealthCare project management consulting. We give you the means to transform your vision into a detailed action plan. Our field of action positions us at the interface between strategy and operations.

HC next

Our values and commitments

Openness at the heart of our exchanges

At HC NEXT, we are aware that our involvement can sometimes shake up habits and opinions. The solutions we propose are not necessarily complex but they are not always easy to accept. With goodwill, we always strive to be honest and objective in order to share the means to concretely improve your projects.

Rigour for concrete results

By definition, project management demands great rigour. When it comes to the health sector, this rigour is increased tenfold. We combine this with a results-oriented vision. Our objective is not simply to implement changes but to see the impact of these changes on your results.

OUR impact

An integrated CSR approach

Since HC NEXT was created, we have wanted to integrate human and environmental commitments. In our daily actions as well as in the development of our business, we seek to limit our impact on the planet.

At the same time, we attach great importance to the relationship with all our stakeholders: suppliers, service providers, clients, employees. We strive to be responsive to their demands and to take their constraints into consideration. We want to develop healthy and positive relationships. This is achieved through the implementation of a CSR charter including indicators that we monitor regularly.

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