Project Management & Coordination

A drug or medical device development project requires a high level of scientific expertise and must also comply with specific standards and regulations. The cross-functional coordination of all activities (R&D, clinical, regulatory, etc.) is essential to ensure a rapid launch onto the market. With our comprehensive view of development, we manage and coordinate all the stakeholders in order to break the project down and reach the milestones smoothly.

Project Management

A problem is emerging or becoming more complex? The project is behind schedule or has hit a dead end? There are many factors that can affect your project. Project management is the solution! 

We help you to develop your operational excellence or to catch up with a project that has gone off track.

     Analyze company project management tools and process

     Accelerate projects delivery

     Vendor Management

     Project rescue for drifting project 

Part-time COO

A true right-hand man to the CEO, the COO (Chief Operating Officer) on a shared basis takes care of project execution and relieves the CEO of all or part of the operational side of the business.

As a senior consultant with experience in product development, we will support the CEO in the implementation of his strategy.

Lead strategy execution developed by CEO

Run and oversee day-to-day operations

Identify, select and coordinate sub-contractors

Manage project and transversal project team

Provide key indicators, status reports to CEO

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