Fully integrated development

Each phase of development involves the use of specific expertise for each product. Thanks to our network of experts, we take care of all or part of your product development. We are the one-stop-shop for development.


Developing a pharmaceutical product is a long process, which requires various expertises and to comply with several regulations. We take charge of your project and take it to the market.

Identify, select and coordinate your service providers:


Quality by Design (TPP) / development plan

Market access

Regulatory and quality activities

CMC / Toxicology / non-clinical / clinical


Data  organization (data room/CTD)  

Medical device

Whatever the stage of the project, we can take charge of it and bring it to completion. We will find the skill, the expert, the service provider your project needs.

Management of stakeholders:


Design input data

Market access

Prototype development

Design review, verification and validation

Benefit/risk assessment, clinical activities

member of:

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